[Review] Halogen – Recycled Broadcasts EP [Maternity]

Halogen – Recycled Broadcasts EP [Maternity]

This debut EP from Brighton based producer Halogen, also see’s the first release on brand new net-label ‘Maternity’.
The release is comprised of four tracks of deep and sexy downtempo electronica, with big nods towards hip hop and idm.
Opener; Not The Remix sets the scene nicely, with a set of lush pads, beautiful harmonies, and plenty of rhythmic glitch. The production is nicely polished.
Manilla takes things down a couple of steps in tempo, a classic moody downtempo track.
A short and well placed vocal sample gives way to some superb scratching effects.
Next up; Previous Future is probably the most idm influenced of the bunch, with layers of skittering double time glitch rhythms giving a sharp edge to the lush depth of the melody.
The closing track; Transmission, is a much more ambient affair, using a more abstract set of sounds, and replacing the strong beat of the others with a selection of subtle glitches.
Overall, this is a very strong debut, both for the artist and the label. The production is well rounded, slick and has a cohesive sound throughout the release. Grab this now, you won’t be disappointed.

Download it here: http://www.maternitymedia.com/

Halogen Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/halogenbulbs

Laura Gibson Art and Illustration: http://lauragibson.co.uk/home.html


One response to “[Review] Halogen – Recycled Broadcasts EP [Maternity]

  1. Thanks for the review!
    send me an email if you want some more music,
    got the album coming up for release soon…

    cheers again, really appreciate it.


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